Company Profile

Prime Bank Ltd is one of the leading Private Banks in Kenya and was founded in 1992. With 25 years of experience, Prime Bank has the expertise to deliver flexible, efficient and personalized service, ensuring our customers profit from the best. Prime Bank has regional presence in Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia through First Merchant Bank in Malawi. The Bank recently acquired Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe through First Merchant Bank, Malawi. In addition to this, the Bank also acquired 80% shareholding in Tausi Assurance Company Ltd.

Bank's Growth

  • As at December 31st 2018, the core capital of the Bank stood at KShs. 19.31 Billion, against the statutory requirement of KShs. 1 Billion.
  • The Bank’s total deposits grew by KShs 13Billion to KShs 71.422Billion, while Total Net Advances stood at Kshs. 36.64 Billion.
  • The group’s net profit closed the year at KShs.2.225Billion while the Bank’s stood at KShs. 2.021Billion representing a 10 % increase from KShs. 1.842Billion recorded same period last year.
  • The Bank’s liquidity ratio stood at 71% high above the CBK’s statutory requirement of 20%.