internet banking

To enable Prime Bank customers to perform banking transactions without having to physically go to a Prime Bank branch.
To use the Prime Bank Online Banking platform (Prime Net), you must be an account holder of Prime Bank and must be registered on Prime Net.
Mode of Access:
A user can access the platform by using a PIN or a Token of which either is provided by the bank upon successful creation in the system.


  • ACCOUNTS (BALANCE & TRANSACTION INFORMATION) – User is able to view their current bank balance in real-time.
  • MAINTAIN PAYEE (CREATE BENEFICIARY/UTILITY PROVIDER) – User is able to create multiple bene ciaries for Cash-transfer transactions within and outside Prime Bank. A user can also create a biller to enable them pay their utility bills.
  • PAYMENTS & TRANSFER – User is able to perform cash transfers within Prime Bank and other banks and make KRA i-tax payments easily and conveniently.
  • FILE UPLOAD – User is able to upload salary les and other les to make payments to suppliers. These could be MPESA or PESALINK les. The bank has provided a format in which these les must be uploaded.
  • TRANSACTION STATUS - A user is able to view the status of their transactions KRA inquiry, scheduled, recurring and completed transactions among others.
  • MAILS - Prime Net provides a secure platform where a customer/user is able to directly communicate with the bank securely.
  • BULK SALARY/PROCESSING PAYMENT - Process employees salaries and suppliers payments.
  • SERVICE REQUEST – A user is able to make service requests to the bank as indicated below:-
  • Cash withdrawal slip with denomination
  • Customer feedback Form
  • Operative accounts- Apply for a Debit card
  • Operative accounts-Cheque image Request
  • Operative accounts- Request for Bankers cheque
  • Operative accounts- Request for New Cheque Book
  • Operative accounts-Stop cheque
  • Register for SMS Alerts
  • Request for Registering for Mobile Banking