Telegraphic Transfers

Telegraphic transfers done by our Correspondent Banks across the globe in a wide range of currencies.

Charges for this will vary according to what your bank will charge. Telegraphic transfers are usually effected in 2 working days.

Name: Prime Bank Ltd

Swift Code: PRIEKENX

Country: KENYA.

For using this service, please instruct your bank to remit funds by telegraphic transfer to Prime Bank accounts through the respective Correspondent Bank as described below:
US DOLLAR (USD) Citi Bank N.A, 111 Wall Street, New York City CITIUS33 36017015
GREAT BRITAIN POUND (GBP) Citi Bank N.A, Citigroup Centre, Canary Wharf, London CITIGB2L 8748047
EURO (EURO) Citi Bank N.A, Citigroup Centre, Canary Wharf, London CITIGB2L 10001619
SOUTH AFRICAN RAND (ZAR) Citi Bank N.A, Citigroup Centre, Canary Wharf, London CITIGB2L 0018475180
INDIAN RUPEE (INR) ICICI Bank Ltd, Free Press House, Free Press Marg, Mumbai, India ICICINBB 405075079
SWISS FRANCS(CHF) Citi Bank N.A, Citigroup Centre, Canary Wharf, London CITIGB2L 10033383
JAPANESE YEN(JPY) Citi Bank N.A, Citigroup Centre, Canary Wharf, London CITIGB2L 0018475199
CHINESE YUAN China Contruction Bank, Shanghai Branch, China PCBCCNBJGPS NRA31001520313059220084
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES DIRHAMS (AED) Mashreq Bank PSC, Dubai, UAE BOMLAEAD AE710330000010195512416
TANZANIAN SHILLINGS (TZS) Central Bank of Kenya CBKEKENX 1000139749
UGANDA SHILLINGS (UGX) Central Bank of Kenya CBKEKENX 1000139765
RWANDAN FRANCS (RWF) Central Bank of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya CBKEKENX 1000206551
KENYA SHILLINGS (KES) Central Bank of Kenya CBKEKENX 1000004347
EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer. It is an automated payment system used to transfer money between local banks in Kenya. EFT allows you to transfer money from your Prime Bank account to another bank account within Kenya. The transfer goes through in 48hrs subject to a cut of time of 4PM Kenyan Time.
Send EFT Using
  • Branch
  • PrimeNet Internet Banking
    • Individual
    • Bulk Supplier Payment/Bulk Salary Payment
RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. This is a safe and reliable money transfer option of sending money from your Prime Bank Account into another bank account in Kenya. This transfer goes through on the same day subject to a cut-off time of 2PM Kenyan Time.
Branch Code Bank Name Branch Name
000 Prime Bank Head Office Riverside
001 Prime Bank Kenindia
002 Prime Bank Biashara
003 Prime Bank Mombasa
004 Prime Bank Westlands
005 Prime Bank Industrial Area
006 Prime Bank Kisumu
007 Prime Bank Parklands
008 Prime Bank Riverside Drive
009 Prime Bank Card Centre
010 Prime Bank Hurlingham
011 Prime Bank Capital Centre
012 Prime Bank Nyali
014 Prime Bank Kamkunji
015 Prime Bank Eldoret
016 Prime Bank Karen
017 Prime Bank Nakuru
023 Prime Bank Meru
024 Prime Bank Lavington
025 Prime Bank Village Market
026 Prime Bank Kitale
027 Prime Bank Baba Dogo

PesaLink is now available on our PrimeMobi.
PesaLink is a platform that enables customers transfer funds from one bank account to another in any bank in Kenya 24/7.
Our customers who have already registered for PrimeMobi can now access PesaLink services.
To begin with, we have capped outward transaction amount at KShs. 200,000/- per transaction and the total amount per day at KShs. 999,999/-. These limits are subject to review.

How to link your Prime Bank Account to PesaLink via PrimeMobi.
Send EFT Using
  • Go to PrimeMobi app.
  • Select PesaLink from the menu.
  • Select Link Your Phone.
  • Select the Account Number you want linked.
  • A confirmation will be displayed on your phone.
  • You will then receive an SMS confirmation from PesaLink.
Amount Band (KES) Charges (KES)
501-50,00030/- plus excise duty
50,001-100,00040/- plus excise duty
100,001-150,00045/- plus excise duty
150,001-200,00050/- plus excise duty
Transfer money from your Prime Bank account to a registered M-PESA user in Kenya using our PrimeMobi service. Through this service, funds can be remitted online from your Prime Bank account instantaneously to any person in Kenya who is registered for M-PESA.
  • Go to M-PESA menu, select “Lipa na M-Pesa”
  • Select “Paybill”
  • Select “Enter business no.” and enter the Prime Bank Lipa na M-Pesa paybill number 982800 and press “OK”
  • Select “Enter account no” i.e. Prime Bank account number (e.g. 0140 xxxx xxxx) or alias and press “OK”
  • Enter amount i.e. amount you want to deposit and press “OK”
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN and press “OK”
  • Confirm all the details are correct and press OK
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS from MPESA immediately.
  • Prime Bank will then send you a confirmation SMS shortly.
Please note:
For more information please contact our customer care team at or visit a branch nearest to you.