Prime Bank Visa Platinum Card

The Prime Visa Platinum Card enables you enjoy the intrinsic privileges associated with this card, in addition to a unique combination of customized solutions, competitive pricing and absolute commitment to superior, relationship-driven service.

Pre-negotiated online and in-store offers from a wide assortment of leading merchants in key destinations, worldwide (i.e. travel, shopping, dining, sports).

Enjoy a 20% discount when seeing the world famous Niagara Falls from a spectacular aerial view, while on board Niagara Helicopters.

Access to over 700 airports VIP lounges worldwide, regardless of the airline selected or selected travel class. Every trip is a VIP experience providing access to state of the art business facilities and complimentary refreshments, while you unwind.

Your Visa Platinum Card is accepted by tens of millions of merchants worlwide, with privileges to everywhere you want to be.

Peace-of-Mind with CHIP & PIN technology.

(Make a note of the Visa Global Customer Care Services toll free numbers). Take note of your 16-digit Visa account number and store it safely. (Store It Separately From Your Card).

Lost and Stolen Card Reporting Service: Why let a lost or stolen card spoil your day? Give us a call from anywhere in the world, at anytime and we will block it. Emergency Card Replacement Service: If you lose your card – get in touch with our service for prompt card replacement. Emergency Cash Disbursement: In need of cash?

Call the Visa till free numbers to contact us and deliver up to US$5,000* directly to a bank near you or be directed to a nearby bank where you can make a withdrawal.

Enjoy up to 15% off at various hotels and resorts, across the world, for payments done through your Visa Platinum Golf Card. Visit:

*All the charges mentioned above are subject to a 10% excise duty.

Coverage against loss or damage that occurs within 365 days from the date of purchase. No registration of the purchase is necessary.

When things get difficult, experience peace of mind from the expertise of fully qualified and experienced medical and legal professionals, on a 24/7 basis, whenever you are outside your principal country of residence, for up to 90 days.

Remain assured that your new purchases are protected with an automatic double extension on the original manufacturer’s warranty of up to 24months from item’s date of purchase.

Visa cardholders are invited to join Avis Preferred for added and attractive benefits. Automatically receive your discounts after bookings and receive the benefits linked to your profile.

Have all your specific requirements met, as well as bid queues and travel hassles goodbye during airport departures and arrivals – every time you travel for business or pleasure – and receive warm reception and assistance throughout. To eliminate language barriers and lengthy queues at the customs and immigration counters, Visa Platinum cardholders enjoy a 15% discount on published rates for Airport Speed Pass Service, at all YQ-participating airports, from 1st January 2014 till 31st December 2015.