Thank you for choosing Prime Bank as your continued Banking partner. You can now access all your Prime Bank accounts online.

Together, we are now taking a major step forward to experience online banking services at your convenience from the comforts of your home and office.

Through our online platform you can now:

  • View and print your account statements with up-to-date transaction details
  • Transfer funds between your accounts or from your account to accounts of third parties maintained at Prime Bank
  • Make remittances to accounts in other banks in Kenya through RTGS or EFT; (Transfers to accounts outside Kenya may be provided in future)
  • Transact using major foreign currencies, including US dollar, GBP & Euro. EXCHANGE RATES CAN BE NEGOTIATED AND APPLIED
  • Value-date the transactions—immediate, scheduled or recurring—as required
  • Pay your utility bills like Electricity, Water supplies, Cable TV/ Internet services due and billed by service providers
  • Remit taxes using KRA’s i-TAX services
  • Process employees salaries and supplier payments (for corporates)
  • Request a new cheque book, Banker’s cheque
  • Access a secure email facility to exchange information with the bank
  • View images of cheques passed through clearing system, online…. and many more

The service is available 24×7 – 365 days except when the Bank’s system is under maintenance.

You will be closely supported by a Relationship Officer who will provide you approvals for your transactions/service requests where required, and also guide you on operational issues.

You just pay a fixed monthly fee which is nominal, over and above the prescribed Bank’s charges for the transaction type.

  • Save Time: Transactions are completed quickly and efficiently, at your desk without Branch visits.
  • Paperless: No need for cheques or filling up Bank forms
  • Reduction of phone-calls and paper based communication for making requests/confirmations
  • Confirmation Done online: No need to exchange phone calls or waiting for printed advices from Banks

This service is available to both Corporate and Retail customers.

Applicants will have to maintain a satisfactorily conducted an account – FAIDA/ CURRENT/ OVERDRAFT/ BIASHARA/ BARAKA/ FIXED DEPOSIT/ RECURRING DEPOSIT/ LOAN with Prime Bank at any of its Branches.

Blank application forms are available at all our Branches countrywide, or alternatively  click here to access the form online.

Application forms should be submitted to the Branch where the main account of the client is maintained.